The Sketch Packet Designers at Berns will assist you with  a design to enhance the best features of your home.

We offer a variety of options to assist in your landscape 
projects.  Our professional designers will walk you through 
each step of the installation process.

Option I:  Walk In or By Appointment Service

Our professional staff are always on hand and ready to assist.  
Appointments are not necessary for advice and consultations, 
but are preferred for larger areas or multiple planting beds 
which require more attention.

All you need to bring:
• Bed Dimensions  • Sunlight Exposure of Area  • Pictures of Area

A light sketch or photo image with the proposed additions to 
the discussed area will be available to assist you in plant 
placement and installation.  

This service is free of charge and a 10% discount is offered on 
the plant material utilized in the sketch packet.  

For availability…

Please Call or Email us!

Option II:  On Site Consultation Service

A sketch packet design with a one hour on site consultation is
available for homeowners who seek a more in depth meeting 
at their residence.

At time of scheduling appointment, a $200 gift card is required
to be purchased.  The gift card may be applied to the plant 
material cost per the sketch packet or any garden center purchase.

What we offer on site:
• On site evaluation of proposed design area
• Advice on plantings and revisions of existing beds

A photo image of the design will be provided along with a listing 
of plants and recommended sizes.  A 10% discount is offered 
on the plant material utilized in the design.

Additional Services are available.  Please ask for details.