Berns Garden Center & Landscaping
 Long Hours: 9 - 8  Mon - Sat   10 - 5  Sun      825 GREENTREE RD  MIDDLETOWN OH  -  3776 INDIAN RIPPLE RD  BEAVERCREEK OH 45440.
Middletown 513.423.5306       Beavercreek 937.912.0422      Landscaping 513.217.2042

Long Hours Have Begun!
We're Hiring For Spring!

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It has been reported to us that discount coupons for Berns Garden Center have been found “Online”. We have not posted or permitted any other entity to issue discount coupons for Berns. Thus, fraudulent coupons will not be honored.

Long Hours:  9 to 8  Mon. - Sat.    10 - 5  Sun.

When looking for annuals, perennials, trees or shrubs... please visit one of our convenient locations in Middletown or Beavercreek. We'll help you revitalize your home's landscape and gardens with welcome accents.

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